Our creative team offers these services
to help you rekindle and live your dream

Anything you’re passionate about
can come alive

Starting from wherever you are, we provide the tools and guide you through the process of bringing your dreams to life in actual time and space.

What would it take, and what might be holding you back? By taking the time to identify your calling, we help you develop a roadmap, and outline how you can reach your goals regardless of circumstance. 

There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

                                                            ~ Nelson Mandela

Core Gift Interview

Typically, we can name some of the gifts, talents and skills that we possess.  However, to find the one special, unique gift that we have that points to our purpose in this life, it is necessary to dive deeply.

The Core Gift Interview is a creative process that helps you take the deep dive to uncover this gift of yours that puts your Dream into the context of the life you want to live.

Deborah leads you through this guided interview in a two-hour session to help you explore and discover your Core Gift and discuss ways in which you can share it.


Creating the Dream map

Becoming clear about our dreams takes time, discussion and imagination to explore possibilities of what could be.  It is necessary to have time to DREAM BIG beyond your wildest imagination.

Deborah facilitates a two-hour meeting with you and the important people in your life who support you in creating your dream.  As she guides you and your team through a process of imagining, she records and graphically illustrates all the rich information shared in the meeting, creating your personalized DREAM MAP.  She helps you clarify the many possibilities available to you, along with the initial steps to begin moving toward a life you love.  In this meeting, Deborah will encourage you to DREAM BIG and think of the small steps you can take to move towards that dream.

Bringing the Dream to Life

We all need a mirror to reflect our actions and thoughts back to us.  We also need an ally who can help us get clarity when we are confused or stuck, who can help us keep the momentum going as we move forward in our lives and who will celebrate our accomplishments with us.

In one-on-one coaching sessions, Anthonio provides the reflection, clarity and support that will help you decide on the inspired actions you can take to continue moving forward to the life you love.


Choose the services that fit you best…

       Core Gift Interview

        Dream Map Meeting plus one follow-up consultation

        Individual, one-hour coaching session

        Monthly package of 4, hour-long coaching sessions

       “Just-in-time” coaching, on as-needed basis

       Any combination of the services we offer